Genshin Impact talks up its upcoming PlayStation 5 release in dev video


As we noted last week, there’s an update coming to the multiplayer RPG Genshin Impact on April 28th that is adding a variety of things including the launch of the game to the PlayStation 5. It’s that portion that has been focused on by a recent developer video that talks up the benefits of playing the game on the shiny new console.

The video features technical director Zhenzhong Yi, who talks up PS5-specific features for GI like a new graphics library built from the ground up with higher resolution texturing, a custom file-loading system to take advantage of the console’s SSD capabilities to let players teleport to areas in the open world in seconds, and some PS5-exclusive adjustments to Qingyun Peak. Yi also promised that future updates will elevate the visual quality and performance of the game. “We’re only scratching the surface,” Yi claims.

source: press release

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Eric Gray Jr.

I’ve given up on this awhile ago when to technically play a different “class” you had to play slots.

However, that Tower Of Fantasy tho? If their way to make money within that game is strictly fashion related, can personally deal with it.

Brinto Sfj

So the online slot machine is going to start milking PS5 players now. Great.