City of Titans’ devs offer a brief look behind the scenes of how the team tests combat


When it comes to superhero MMOs like City of Titans, combat is just going to happen. Unless you manage to create Captain Reasonable Discussion, whose superpower is the ability to rationally help people reach an agreement and talk down conflict. Until the world is ready for such a character, there will be fights, and the devs at Missing Worlds Media are offering another peek under the hood at how they’re testing combat.

Combat testing effectively involves whaling on a group of Rook Brawlers in order to analyze different aspects of combat behavior like hit rolls; buffs, debuffs, control effects, and how they interact with one another; and the game’s targeting system for melee, ranged, AoE, and TAoE powers to make sure they work. This preview is part of MWM’s promise for more updates and details, as well as promise of further development work on things like city zones, music, powers, costumes, multiplayer, and more.

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