Star Wars: The Old Republic runs game fixes through an intergalactic blockade

Very dynamic.

Many Bothans died to bring you the information you are about to hear. They shouldn’t have, of course, because the patch notes were readily available, but… you know Bothans. Always putting themselves in harm’s way for the glory of the Republic. Sometimes a little too much. Maybe stay at home, once in a while. Watch some Bothan dramas on Netflix, is what we’re saying.

In any case, Star Wars: The Old Republic has a bundle of fixes coming your way on Monday, May 10th. Game Update 6.3A will continue to refine the last big content update, starting with changing the galactic seasons weekly reset to match conquest and event timers. Other changes aid players in properly completing daily and weekly objectives.

Also, be aware: “The purchase of all Companions from the Galactic Seasons vendor Jaleit Nall has been temporarily disabled with a hotfix deployed on April 29th. While we investigate reports of Alliance Alerts not being granted when using the corresponding Holocommunicator, all Companions have been temporarily removed from Jaleit Nall’s inventory to prevent players from experiencing this issue.”

Source: SWTOR

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That reminds me of this old gem:

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Hey, as a Bothan in SWG I resent these accusations!

Remembers I played Spy

Hmmm… Alright, carry on.

I hope they eventually get added as a player race in SWTOR too.

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Well.. now Rogue One is canon, then technically the statement that many Bothans died to bring them that information is no longer accurate. In fact NO bothans died at all to bring them that information, but Jin and her whole crew did (none of whom were also bothans I might add) lol


That’s the first Death Star. The Bothans were the second.