Fans hope to revive Allods Online by handing out free one-month subs

The magical man from happyland.

If we’re all very honest with ourselves, Allods Online is no longer a big deal over in our part of the world, especially the game’s free-to-play version, which has long been bogged down by pay-to-win accusations. But one self-described superfan of the game by the name of Dragagon is hoping to reverse the game’s fortunes as well as point out an escape from the P2W nonsense via Allods’ subscription server. And he’s even willing to hand out a free month of sub time to do it.

The giveaway is being managed via a Google Doc submission form and is specific to the Smuggler’s Paradise server, but otherwise it’s a matter of players filling out their character details for both F2P and subscription servers, providing a Discord tag, and getting some Boutique Crystals to buy a month of subscription time and, by extension, access to the Smuggler’s Paradise subscription server. With that in mind, this is being offered only to a minimum of 75 players and a maximum of 100 players, and only until May 16th.

Dragagon isn’t doing this alone, as the server has about 50 players in it already at the time of the video’s posting, and he states that he and his friends are ready and willing to help new players and returning lapsed players with any questions they have.

“We’re nothing but a bunch of dudes and dudettes that want to play Allods Online the way we used to play it: with an MMO feel surrounded by many players like every MMO has,” says Dragagon. “This is not backed or communicated to the Allods team. This is something completely out of myself that I felt compelled on doing if I wanted to succeed somehow in what I want to become: an Allods Online content creator.”

For those interested in learning more, Dragagon’s video is embedded below.

source: YouTube via Reddit, thanks to Dylan for the tip!
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