Leafling is an indie 2-D action MMORPG that hopes to provide ‘a nostalgic, old school RPG feeling’


This one crossed our news desk by way of a call for other players on Reddit. It’s called Leafling, and it’s a 2-D action MMORPG styled in a 16-bit aesthetic that wants to “deliver a nostalgic, old school RPG feeling” while also providing some modern gameplay beats.

Leafling comes from the team at Celtaria Productions and entered Steam early access in December 2020. In Leafling, players are invited to explore the world of Artemia, with non-instanced dungeons to discover, bosses to fight, and open world PvP to engage in as well as a PvP-focused endgame and server-wide Nation Wars. Combat is skill-based, and the game boasts over 18 different classes with “limitless build variety.”

As of right now, Leafling is expected to exit early access in the fourth quarter of 2021. The game currently sits on a “Mostly Positive” user review score, with many lauding the game’s community and others bemoaning a lengthy grind. One user review seems to have summed the game up rather succinctly: “Imagine Ragnarok Online, RuneScape and Zenonia had a really cool friend in middle school. This is that friend.”

source: Steam via Reddit
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