Iron Harvest shows off gameplay and story trailers for its Operation Eagle expansion


Multiplayer RTS Iron Harvest 1920 is ramping up the hype for its standalone Operation Eagle expansion with a pair of trailers.┬áThe story trailer gives us a tease of the new campaign. It’s taking us out of Europe for the first time in Iron Harvest, but not in the direction you’d expect. While the new Usonia faction hails from North America, Operation Eagle‘s campaign is heading into the Middle East. As such, it looks like those “secret allies” that were teased in the expansion’s initial reveal are Bedouin tribes, who are seeking Usonia’s aid in throwing out Saxonian occupiers. Speaking of Saxony, you may recognize some familiar characters from the base game in this trailer.

Developer King Art Games has also released five minutes of gameplay footage cut together from several of the new campaign missions. The clips show off Usonia’s spectacular, air-focused arsenal, including a massive hero air ship armed with what is less a flamethrower and more a flame Niagara Falls.

Operation Eagle launches May 27th. It will be free to owners of Iron Harvest‘s deluxe edition, or just under $25 US otherwise. The base game is not required to play, and those who don’t pick up the expansion can still enjoy many of its new features, including the addition of flying units to the original three factions.

Our own Not So Massively column has previously had much praise for Iron Harvest, from its solid story to its admirable post-launch support. Stay tuned to the NSM column for more on Operation Eagle in future.

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