Old school-styled MMORPG Ethyrial offers a peek at a monster journal and plans for closed alpha testing


We’re circling back around to the indie MMORPG Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, which we aimed a spotlight at last month; it’s an MMORPG from three-person Gellyberry Studios that takes its cues from classic titles like Ultima Online, promising a “high risk-reward driven game, where the player has a lot to lose, but also, much to win.” But first we’re going to look at a monster journal.

This developing feature will provide players with a wealth of information about the various monster threats in the game world, including vitals, resistances, weaknesses, and even a loot table that fills out automatically as players loot the specific creatures in question. The post also stated that work on the game’s combat has been done to make things feel much better.

The preview post closes with a look at closed alpha plans for Ethyrial, explaining that the test will run in three phases: Phase one will only allow those who already have a key into the game and will see testers connect to a server in Sweden in order to test its readiness; phase two will see new servers opened around the globe and increase the testing pool; and phase three will be a stress test that brings even more testers into the game. Timing for these tests was not shared, but clearly the devs have a plan. And a monster journal.


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I like it, the journal offer some useful information, no need to tab out to search websites, more MMOs should do this.