NCsoft seemingly confirms that Aion Classic is coming to the west


Last fall, NCsoft announced a new classic mode for the Korean Aion servers. It was a huge success that brought the game back from a major slump, as our recent dips into the company’s revenue reports shows. “Aion more than doubled its revenues from its low point in 2020, almost entirely, NCsoft says, due to the launch of Aion Classic,” we wrote in February. “Huh, Classic servers are wildly popular, who knew. (Everybody. Everybody knew.)”

Since then, players in the west have been anxiously waiting to see whether NCsoft would bring the classic servers westward too. It’s looking pretty good, if the tease dropped on Aion’s official Twitter account today is any judge; there’s no hard declaration, but the video teaser shows a clock motif, winding back all the way from 2020 (yes) to 2009, which is the year the game launched in North America, Europe, and Oceania.

Source: Twitter

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Krista Allen

Retail Aion is complete and utter garbage. I decided to check it out after being gone for 5 years. It really can’t even be called a game anymore. There is one huge map now with places sectioned out for leveling up to cap…crafting and gathering is completely gone. I saw one other person the two days I played. I don’t understand why the NCsoft is even keeping the servers up.

Optimistic about Aion Classic, but leary about NCsoft.


in KR it is a subscription based game. I would hope that if they port that over to the west that it will be, unlike in KR, zero p2w in the west. Just to give you an example of how bad it was in KR. If you subbed in KR for 3 months ahead they gave you a certain amount of in-game currency, but that had no limit. So you could sub in advance for 16 years and would be able to get the best in-game armor in around two weeks. So almost everybody in KR did that and is now running around in a 50 elite set which was meant to be super rare back in the days. NCsoft along the way noticed that they f..ed up big time and removed that crowns award from the sub but the damage was already done. Hopefully gameforge will not do such BS but i am skeptical.

Diego Lindenmeyer

NcWest … Lineage 2 Classic was a meme, imagine Aion classic


That would be fantastic, had great time back in the day and i love the OST.


Didn’t bother with it back in the day. I’d take a look atleast.

Douglas Lawson

Aion!? lol.. this game still exists?


Original Aion was a pretty fun game up until it wasn’t. That being said i would 100% play it again.

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Dean Greenhoe

My main problem with going back to old games is that I quickly get the feeling “I know this” and I quickly bet bored.

Change things up. The maps, the quests anything to make it feel newish and interesting. Remove the deja vu experiences from the game and I will gladly play through it again.

Just my humble opinion.

Rick Mills

Oh my gosh I would LOVE that.