Conan Exiles’ Isle of Siptah expansion arrives on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, base game arrives to Xbox Game Pass


The stage has been set on PC, it’s been forged in the crucible of early access on PC, and now a new land awaits players of Conan Exiles who weren’t keen on buying into that whole early access thing. Today marks the full launch of the Isle of Siptah expansion on PC as well as both last-gen and current-gen PlayStation and Xbox systems.

In case you haven’t been following our regular coverage, the Isle of Siptah expansion adds the titular location that features a dozen new dungeons, the Surge mechanic that spawns vile creatures and NPCs, an ominous dark tower surrounded by a magical storm that you’ve seen in a lot of header images for this expansion, new building sets themed around pirates and stormglass, and new mounts, weapons, and armor. Oh, and don’t forget the horrifying spider god.

Today also marks the base Exiles game’s arrival to the Xbox Game Pass, granting subscribers to the service their first taste of the survival sandbox for free, so if you’re among those people curious about peeking in, now seems as good a time as any to do so. [Update: There’s a free play event on Steam too!]

source: press release

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Good stuuuuuff! Love it. :)

Kickstarter Donor

Also the start of their week of Twitch drops for the game too. Connect your account, watch a Conan Exiles streamers for a couple of hours, claim your drops and find them in game waiting. Every day this week.