Odin: Valhalla Rising gets a South Korean launch date of June 29, releases a new trailer in English


Back in May of last year we reported on the upcoming title Odin: Valhalla Rising, a new MMORPG for PC and mobile developed by Lionheart Studio and published by Kakao Games with a pretty obvious setting and some extremely kinetic-looking combat. At the time, there weren’t many release details, but thanks to Kakao’s virtual showcase presentation, we now know the game will be arriving to South Korean players on Tuesday, June 29th.

The presentation offered additional gameplay details, touting a vast open world with hidden treasures and various dangers, all of which can be explored on foot, by scaling walls, or on the back of flying mounts. As for combat, fights will be more hands-ons than other mobile MMOs thanks to linked and conditional skill combos that activate when certain base skills are engaged. The presentation also confirmed that Odin, Thor, and Loki would be in the game as world bosses that guilds can take on for legendary rewards, while GvG will be a primary PvP feature as part of the Valhalla Battle mode.

All of this is interesting enough on its own, but what might perk some ears is the fact that developer Lionheart Studios has put out a new English cinematic trailer and translated its teaser site to English, so it’s very likely that this one will be making its way westward. For the time being, the aforementioned new trailer is below.

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