Ashes of Creation addresses extra player questions on music, election systems, and more


Much as they did last time, the devs of Ashes of Creation saw fit to round up every single question that players have asked recently and collate every single response in one giant list, so if anyone’s questions weren’t pulled from the forum and addressed in the latest livestream, the answers are here.

Also the same as last time, the vast majority of the answers either link back to previous dev blogs or ask players to follow Q&A thread guidelines. There are some answers that confirm future details will be shared on things like artisan professions and their mechanics, music created by composer Bear McCreary, and archetypes, classes, and their various skills and augments, while other replies mention things like discoverable lore in-game, using the in-game bulletin board for things like mercenary work or courier work, and plans to debut additional election systems beyond democratic ones later.

All in all, the answers don’t have many bean drops, but followers of the game’s progress or those who were hoping to have their questions fielded might still want to take a moment and skim the list.

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