SEED puts out dev blogs on caring for digital life, code cleanup, Seedling needs, music, and sprint demos


When developer Klang Games said that future SEED updates would be moving to the game’s blog, they were not kidding. Since then, the devs of the colony building MMO have been absolutely cranking out the posts, each one offering its own level of insight into the game’s creation.

The posts range from technical blogs about cleaning up unused systems and sprint demos that help the devs plan out content for the game, to more navel gazing topics like the weight of caring for digital life and how it changes the game’s dynamic.

“Could it be that Seed Industries entrust you as a player with a Duty of Care for your Seedlings? Do you sign a pledge? Is the Player like The Dude in the movie The Big Lebowski when Brad repeats to him: ‘Her life is in your hands’? These Seedlings’ lives are in your hands. This is a powerful storytelling device to create commitment right from the start.”

There’s even a post about the game’s music, and also a post that details the Seedling needs system and how it affects gameplay. Basically, there’s a whole lot to read, and likely will be more to come.

source: official site (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
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