Fallout 76 devs preview this summer’s Steel Reign storyline


Forget falling for uranium fever — investing in some serious steel is where it’s at in 2021. At least that is the case for Fallout 76, as the post-apocalyptic RPG is in the midst of a Brotherhood of Steel story arc that began last year and is set to continue with July’s big content update.

Bethesda’s developers sat down this week to talk about and show off the Steel Reign quests that players will be going through this summer. “Your choices from Steel Dawn will impact this final chapter,” the studio said. “In Steel Reign, you’ll explore new areas in locations such as the Uncanny Caverns, West Tek, AMS HQ and more. Earn new rewards such as the Face Breaker Power Fist, Mercenary Outfit, Brotherhood Civvies, Cryogenic Bed, and Hellcat Power Armor. You’ll also see some new and familiar faces during your journey.”

Fallout 76 is running a Gold Rush event this weekend, offering twice the amount of usual gold bullion that players can claim every day.

Source: Fallout 76

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Toy Clown

I started a new character during the double experience event last week. The character I started with was really messed up skill and stat-wise. I had absolutely no idea about a lot of stuff pertaining to builds until I was around 30. Almost caught up to where my other character is! Just need to finish the current Brotherhood storyline and I’ll be good to go for the new content release next month!

Kickstarter Donor

I just started a fresh character, I kinda dig that content isn’t necessarily “linear” through the game. You encounter stuff from different updates as you play through, though I don’t think I’ve reached the BoS quite yet. Video sounds good though, watched it yesterday and I’m down to have more story-impacting choices and whatnot. BoS are a fun faction, even if the story around them can get a bit frustrating from time to time.

It’s still got all the Bethesda Jank(tm) expected out of a release, but I’m still genuinely impressed with how much it’s turned around since launch. It’s got just enough “survival” for me (and apparently there aren’t even negative effects from not eating/drinking! they just give you bonuses when you eat/drink, which I didn’t expect but is plenty nice…not that I’d ever let my poor character starve!) while still having all the FO vibes and a great radio station (wish they’d periodically update with new songs and/or voice lines, but oh well).

Kinda dig that the screenshots you take in-game become loading screens, never knew that on my first playthrough so now I’m trying to take at least some basic screenshots of my travels. At least when I remember to take one when seeing a nice scene and there’s nothing around that could kill me. Shame I’m bad at screenshots, never quite had an eye for photography but darnit I try!

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