Chronicles of Elyria talks rebuilding trust in backer Q&A as the consumer lawsuit continues


If talk could be spun into gameplay, then Chronicles of Elyria would be an impressive MMORPG these days. Unfortunately, talk is just that — talk — until results are seen, and in greater abundance than the recent video of Kingdoms of Elyria. In the meantime, the creator of the Elyria universe, Jeromy Walsh, fielded a whole bunch of questions from loyal and monetarily invested fans as to what is coming next.

In a private Q&A on Discord, Walsh said that he’s listening to players to “rebuild trust” and working on recruiting people to reopen and moderate the official Chronicles of Elyria Discord. Past that, he fielded questions about a revamp to the Domain and Settlement Selection process, and the Kingdoms of Elyria limited release.

“For us, Kingdoms of Elyria is the first real step in demonstrating our ability to continuously ship updates and gameplay until we’re satisfied with what KoE/CoE looks like,” Walsh said, going on to note that the first release won’t contain that much content but that it should be a nice reward for players even so.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit against Soulbound and Xsolla apparently continues. “The Complaint has been filed as of February 2, 2021 in District Court,” a rep for the player Discord reiterated earlier this week. “The Complaint has been challenged by defense counsel. We are waiting on the Court’s ruling.” Since that February date, both Xsolla and Soulbound filed motions to dismiss, which of course the plaintiffs opposed. Soulbound, we note, sought dismissal both on jurisdictional grounds and on the claim that Soulbound never sold “goods” as defined in the act under which the complaint was brought. The plaintiffs countered that Xsolla’s presence in California as the go-between for Soulbound and plaintiffs was sufficient reason to apply the act and then argued that the “goods” Soulbound sold were downloadable content and therefore qualify as products.

Source: Twitter, Reddit. Thanks Dro and Dirt!
Chronicles of Elyria stunned MMO gamers in 2020 by announcing it was out of money, had laid off the devs, had closed Soulbound Studio, and had ended development on the game. Though CEO Jeromy Walsh later retracted much of that and said the game was still in production with volunteer staff, the gamers who’d backed it for $14M+ in crowdfunds pressed on with legal action. In 2021, Walsh has been releasing new videos on the production he says is happening, though the focus has been more on spinoff game Kingdoms of Elyria.
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as others have rightly pointed out this is all just “development theater.” Jeromy believes that if he just “acts” enough like a serious software company, doing serious work on a game, that he will avoid any possible damages from a court trial.

and he might be right, only time will tell. we’ve all seen past cases where legislators or judges don’t really understand the technical issues well enough to make informed decisions. he just needs to show plausible deniability. and unfortunately, he may get away with it.

the best we all can do is keep ripping him and his company to shreds so it becomes a cautionary tale for future gamers. at the very least the prosecutors should do full forensic accounting to see where all that $8 million really went. including personal bank accounts, etc.

no way should he walk away with any money after this is all over. let him work for it, like the rest of us.

Bruno Brito

This clown will say anything to make the lawsuit lose ground. His “real game” is clear and ready. Elyria isn’t and won’t ever be.

Dro Gul

One of those screenshots indicate that he is throwing away his Prelyria stuff and all of the work done for Unreal Engine and moving everything over to Unity not just for KoE but for the full CoE game. How in the world can he expect Unity to support the 100-200k players he says his servers will each have? How can he really just start over from scratch, again?

Jeremy Barnes

It’s never going to be released…CoE or KoE

Jo Watt

It’s not hard to “start over” when you haven’t done anything to begin with.