Chronicles of Elyria backers have now hired a lawyer to file a class action suit


Chronicles of Elyria may not be a game right now, but you can bet your sweet bippy that it’s a saga. A legal saga, to be precise, with disgruntled fans teaming up to put forth a class action suit against both Soulbound Studio and Xsolla even as Jeromy Walsh continues to claim that the game is being made. This legal effort may be more than mere revenge fantasy; the game’s lawsuit discord announced that it has secured a lawyer to take the case.

“We’ve gotten in contact with McCathern Law Firm and spoken with the lawyer who’s taken up our case on that front,” the Discord posted on July 3rd. “He’s confirmed he’ll be filing the class action at the end of the month and begin taking action following that. The agreed upon price of his service is set at 35% of all potential winnings, and the estimated timeline for this case will be anywhere from 1 to 4 years.”

Hopefully this will work out better for donors than merely requesting refunds from Xsolla, which proved to be a bit of a dead end for some. The tone of this announcement is cautiously triumphant: “We’ve now got a solid point to go forward from, and are one step closer to seeing a solid legal resolution to this case.”


Source: Discord via MMORPG
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