Multiplayer survival sandbox Smalland shares a new gameplay trailer, announces early access later this year


It’s been a long time since we heard a peep out of Smalland, the multiplayer survival sandbox game where players are shrunken down to the tiny insect size (read: bite size) that we first got wind of in March 2018. The game has since sprung back up on the radar thanks to a new gameplay trailer that debuted at this year’s E3, offering yet another in-game look at life as a tiny hero doing their best in an oversized and overgrown world.

As before, the basic survival gameplay beats of crafting armor, building shelter, and maintaining personal survival and safety are at play, but this new video also offers a look at players using lizards and insects as mounts, showcases several of the armor pieces including one that lets players glide, and offers a look at combat and building.

The press release sent out by developer Merge Games also touts the ability for players to find NPCs and quests around the world, with several factions in the world that take their cues from animals like ants or bees. The presser also states an early access release is planned for sometime this year, with the game available for wishlisting on both Steam and EGS.

source: press release

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Interesting concept. It’s nice to see someone come up with something inspired and at least somewhat original. Even though we’ve seen similar concepts before I don’t recall it in an MMO environment.

Question: can a game me considered “massively” if everything is the size of a June bug? (Kidding)


This game has been on my Wish List for a long time.

Small can be beautiful <3


Love the look of this! I hope there’s more enemies than just insects and spiders, though. Seems peculiar to have introduced the fantasy element by making you play as a fairy, but then not showing any fictional creatures as opponents.


This looks really pretty. Also fun as hell. Those spiders tho, man they suck. I am glad Grounded had the phobia slider, but the way they stalked you added to the horror.

Kickstarter Donor

A less Disney version of Grounded, I like it :)