Ashes of Creation shows off new areas, new outfits, and passive skills in livestream


Like clockwork, the folks at Intrepid Studios have put together another Ashes of Creation development livestream that’s full of previews, updates, and other nuggets for fans of the developing PvP MMORPG. Jumping right into the good stuff, the stream shares a roughly eight minute-long gameplay video from a ruined mage’s keep, featuring a look at several new outfits, another look at the game’s hybrid combat, a big spooky ghost, and a brief glimpse at the new passive skills system.

One of the other larger portions of the stream was a flyover video of a tropical oasis area, which creative director Steven Sharif noted would be a prime location for AOC’s developing fishing system, which was quickly described as requiring players to consider what environments hold certain fish and a minigame aspect to catch said fish. There was also another round of concept art and completed art showcased, with outfits, furnishings, and barricades among other things.

Finally, the stream closed out with some Q&A, where the devs talked about the augment system and how it lets players augment primary archetype skills based on secondary archetypes or in-game organizations, elaborated on how the bounty hunter system works with multiple bounty hunters, talked briefly about how monster resistances wok, and discussed how the devs won’t necessarily try to overbalance sieges, focusing mainly on how siege buffs and siege equipment works and less on micromanaging individual groups’ gear, coordination, or size. More tournament-style PvP like arenas and GvG will be more character balance-focused.

The full video is embedded below; you’re going to want to leap ahead to the 1:39:50 mark to actually get to the devs talking about things.

source: Twitch

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Matthew Yetter

Whether one loves or hates the design direction of the game it would be really hard for anyone to argue that Intrepid’s team is failing to keep supporters up to date on development or that the game will end up being vaporware like so many other MMO’s that have used crowdfunding have been. They’re clearly passionate about the game and are making steady progress. It’s good to see.


Yeap, I know I might not like the end result and the game may definitely fail to meet expectations of many people but I really appreciate how open they are when it comes to showing the progress of development of the game through videos and livestreams and it is clear how passionate they are about developing it. I also appreciate how often Steven communicates with people both through livestreams and on official Discord (both in NDA sections as well as in non-NDA sections), especially compared to extremely appalling lack of communication from other game developers.

Jo Watt

That’s true however one difference is that other games used the crowd funding as the only source of money to begin work on their projects and try to lure investors. For Ashes case they were already funded mainly by Steven, with the Kickstart just being more of a gauge.

Vincent Clark

It seems like every time New World releases a new video, Ashes of Creation follows up with one of their own. You could probably set your watch to it. :)


To be fair, this is a monthly livestream that Intrepid does at the end of every month. So not so much following what New World does as following their own monthly schedule.

Mikey's Bored

Every last Friday of the month.