Dual Universe shares update plans for summer and fall, brings the Apollo patch to PTS


Evidently, Novaquark Studios was so excited to share the latest developments for Dual Universe that it broke tradition and kicked out its next newsletter mid-month instead of waiting for the end of July. Why all the eagerness? For one, the devs have put out a new public roadmap, which offers several tenuous dates for new gameplay features.

Plans for the spacefaring sandbox include the Apollo patch’s inclusion of asteroid discovery and mining, shields, and a first version of PvP reblancing in mid-summer; a revamp of territory management and automated mining units sometime in late summer; an improved new user onboarding experience in the fall; and more PvP balancing, boarding and docking changes, the ability to report abuse in-game, and new challenges, missions, and in-game events further down the pike. The full roadmap image is available to view below and can be clicked to see at its full size.

On the subject of mid-summer’s Apollo update, that’s currently on the PTS server and can be accessed by all subscribers to the game. The newsletter states that this update’s changelog is “massive” and suggests that those reading the notes “enjoy [their] favorite snacks and beverages” while reading. The newsletter also talks up some new weapon models that will be introduced with Apollo, and showcases some excellent voxel art created by members of the community in a video.

source: official site (1, 2)
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