Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida addresses the ‘staggering and unexpected’ player population explosion and asks for patience

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Everyone’s eager to play Final Fantasy XIV’s new expansion, and that’s why the servers are full. You know, despite the fact that the expansion in question isn’t releasing until November and it’s currently July. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida has reached out to the FFXIV community explaining the limitations that the team is working around at the moment when it comes to server capacity while apologizing for the impact that the game’s surge in popularity is having on logging in.

The short version is that the developers are very aware of the influx of players, but plans for new servers and potential server upgrades are currently hamstrung by the global shortage of computer supplies and the realities of traveling and working around the world while also dealing with the worldwide pandemic. Patience is asked for as the team does its best to facilitate the unexpected population growth, with the AFK timer added in the most recent patch hopefully aiding in the goal of reducing congestion. The letter won’t address long login times by itself, but hopefully the explanations and apologies will at least mollify fans irritated at the wait.

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