Zenith offers a preview of a new zone arriving with its next alpha build


All systems appear to be go this time around for the VR MMO Zenith’s upcoming alpha test this Saturday, July 24th, and the devs at Ramen VR are eager to once more show off what players can look forward to in the latest test build. For example, a new zone to explore.

This new zone appears to be rather piratical in theme, with beaches framed by sheer cliffs and what appear to be some pirate enemies standing around who are no doubt ready for a fight. The new build also has some new comfort options that lets players switch to third-person mode when doing things like climbing and flying. Also, there will be fungi that players can pick up and wobble around, apparently.

The alpha promises many more things in store, but interested players can check out the new zone flyover video below in the meantime.

source: official newsletter

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