CCP Games is sponsoring a ‘long overdue’ games industry event in the UK


CCP Games, the studio behind EVE Online and several attempts at games that weren’t EVE Online which never materialized, is apparently very pleased indeed to have an office in London; readers will recall the company’s announced intention to run itself from London back in 2016. CCP’s so pleased with its London office, and with the UK games industry in general, that it’s willing to be a founding sponsor for the IRL game developers’ conference, an event being held by MCV/Develop, a UK games industry magazine.

“A UK games industry gathering feels long overdue, which is why CCP Games’ London studio is thrilled to sponsor MCV/Develop IRL. As relative newcomers in London’s game dev landscape, we’re keen to do our bit in rejuvenating the industry’s social scene now we can all get together again.”

As the event’s name suggests, IRL will be a physical meeting as opposed to a digital one, with emphasis on having developers come face-to-face, make business connections, and otherwise mingle with one another. The event runs on Thursday, September 16th in two parts: an optional, relaxed Prologue networking event starting at 2:00 p.m. UK time with a dinner break at 5:00 p.m.; and the main IRL event that runs from 7:00 p.m. to midnight, which promises spaces for developers to meet up, an awards ceremony, and “lots going on to keep [devs] entertained.” MCV/Develop acknowledges that the pandemic is still very much a thing but is pinning its hopes on “the vast majority” of UK game devs being fully vaccinated by then. Expected attendance is around 500 people.

“We’ll be celebrating our industry’s social, cultural and creative impact,” the event’s site announces, “and we really hope that you will both nominate your colleagues for an award and can join us for a great night of reconnecting with colleagues and friends.”


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