Frozen Flame adds its first dungeon along with a revamped ability tree and straw styles

Bring a flame, we guess.

If your video game doesn’t involve going into a dark hole to kill a monster and take its stuff, what’s even the point? Don’t answer that; it doesn’t matter because Frozen Flame knows it’s the truth and thus the game has added a dark hole for exactly that purpose. The most recent patch adds the Cradle of Keepers, the game’s first dungeon and a pointedly dark place for you to invade for want of a nice, juicy payout in the form of treasure. Who doesn’t like treasure, other than the poor schmuck monster stuck guarding it only to get killed for it?

Don’t answer that, either.

The patch also revamps the game’s ability tree visuals to make the whole thing look nicer, although it’s still very much a work in progress. That’s in addition to new hairstyles for men, updates to the building styles for straw building items, and some new powdered herbs for instant health recovery on the road. Check out the full patch notes; what else could you want? (Go ahead and answer that one.)


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I was looking into picking this up but once I got the the purchase page, I saw it used XSolla launcher. Never knew they had a launcher but am very weary of using it. Heard so many horror stories from people just using XSolla to buy a game.