Black Desert’s Corsair awakens today on PC – yes, it’s otter time


Happy Corsair awakening day! She’s got pirate hats, she’s got gunblades, she’s got adorable otters, she’s got rapiers, she’s got mermaids… wait. Wait. Go back to the otters thing?

Yes, Black Desert’s latest toon gets her awakened version in today’s patch. As we’ve noted, the awakened version of this mermaid pirate queen uses gunblades and grappling hooks for attacks and maneuvering, plus she can summon an honest-to-goodness crew of otter companions to help her fight. I really have no idea why everyone isn’t immediately switching to this class.

“Adventurers can now awaken Corsair. Their Corsair will need to be Lv. 56 or higher and complete the questline “[Corsair Awakening] Call of the Crow.” This questline is available from Black Spirit – Main Quest if their Corsair completed the succession questline. For Adventurers that have not completed the quest [Corsair Succession] A Letter from the Crow, the questline [Corsair Awakening] Call of the Crow will become available after you complete that quest. Season characters will get the PRI (I) Tuvala Patraca when they complete the Corsair awakening questline.”

Today’s PC patch likewise allows season server characters to convert to normal toons before the end of the season if they choose to; it also includes still more changes in line with the major conquest war overhaul.

Source: Patch notes
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