Guild Wars 2 confirms End of Dragons’ Necromancer elite is the Harbinger

Who are you? Where are we? What are we doing now?

Speculation has run rampant over the two elite specs that ArenaNet has been teasing ever since its Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons reveal in July. We thought we’d have to wait until Friday to get a look at what has been presumed to be the Necromancer and Guardian specs, but as it happens, Guild Wars 2 just dropped the Necro peek now. It’s called the Harbinger.

“[A] Harbinger’s methods are even more volatile,” the video – yep, there’s a minute-long video – explains. “These skilled alchemists have developed elixirs to inflict blight on themselves, converting their own pain into power. In Harbinger Shroud, they gain devastating abilities while suffering from blight. A Harbinger makes no clean kills, wielding a pistol to devastate their enemies with noxious, corrosive bullets.

Poison pistoleers!

Source: Twitter
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