Bless Unleashed plans weekend events, patches fixes to frame-limiting and chat

Put a leash on it.

Bless Unleashed’s newly launched PC version is a flurry of activity and events this weekend.

First, Round8 is running a “push” event that essentially rewards players for logging in. If you log in each day this weekend within the right time periods, you’ll walk away with a reward chest and as many as eight tickets. The chest itself includes “5 of the Common Bless Breath for each type of Breath that fits the class” that opens it. Set your alarms.

Second, apparently the team is promising to give everyone a code for a Traditional Pilgrim’s Outfit and a Bless Pass tier booster. No, you can’t have the code now. It’ll be released tomorrow at 6 a.m. EDT. Why? Who knows. All of this is weird.

Finally, Round8Studio patched in a hotfix last night; in addition to fixing multiple random bugs, it blocks server chat until level 5, boosts frame rate limiting, and de-nerfed the Crusader’s Counterattack skill. The team has issued an even longer list of known issues with multiple skills and skill descriptions.

Source: Steam
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