Dual Universe focuses on player-created content, including a racing circuit


As Dual Universe strives to meet its goal of launching sometime in the middle of next year, fans are keeping a close eye on the progress of its beta. In the latest newsletter, Novaquark isn’t focusing so much on what it’s doing to improve the game as what the community itself is adding to the beta.

The second edition of the Helios Bulletin points players toward some of the most active community projects. These include the city of Freeport, the DU Creators program, the Grand Bazaar, and a racing circuit, the latter of which is gearing up for its first 12-week season.

“The racing scene is only just getting started,” said one of the DU Racing Championship founders. “We’re getting organized, and teams are forming. It’s gonna be fun. Show up whether you want to race or not. It’s always a good time.”

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