EVE London is returning with a physical viewing party of the Alliance Tournament on November 6


Fans of EVE Online in the UK or those who are able to travel to London have a little something to look forward to this coming Saturday, November 6th, as the fan-run EVE London event group has announced a return to live events, starting with an in-person viewing party of the the Alliance Tournament 10v10 PvP event.

The shindig is going down at The Oyster Shed in London, with private usage of the first floor balcony and meeting room, the Rockefeller Lounge, and the Captain’s Table areas. Fans will be able to partake in the restaurant’s seafood-focused menu and enjoy the tournament on multiple viewing screens, while those who don’t like seafood (or have an allergy) are invited to take the 10 minute ride to the Borough Market, “one of London’s foodie hot spots.”

In the interest of public responsibility and safety, we feel fair to mention that the UK’s COVID-19 daily infection rates currently sit at 30,000 a day despite many in the country reportedly moving forward with business as usual, and the pandemic is still a concern across much of the globe as well. We do hope that infection rates are improved by November and leave it to our readers to weigh the risks of infection versus going somewhere in-person to watch internet spaceships go boom.

sources: Discord via Twitter, the New York Times (1, 2)
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