Wizard101 celebrates its 13th birthday with free gifts and zone samples


There’s nothing that strikes as much fear and trepidation in the heart than seeing someone officially become a teenager, unless that newly minted teen has access to an unparalleled magical arsenal of destruction. Then it becomes a party!

That’s right: Wizard101 turned 13 years old this month, and KingsIsle is raring to celebrate. For the full month, the game will offer new birthday items in the store, bonus benefits to subscribers, and a gift pack for anyone who uses the code “THIRTEENAGER2021” on his or her account.

Additionally, Wizard101 is making all of its Wizard City and Krokotopia zones free for all players — at least until September 8th.

KingsIsle took a well-deserved victory lap for this milestone, saying, “Since launch, we have delivered 46 major updates, more than quadrupled the size of known Spiral, updated our character models and first world’s graphics, and added hundreds of hours of fully voiced over storyline content.”

Wizard101’s next world, Lemuria, is coming later this fall with a level cap increase to 150. The studio also hinted at either a console or mobile port in the works.

Source: Gamigo, Wizard101

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