Book of Travels’ latest video discusses the game’s early access map and planned chapter structure


When Book of Travels does eventually release into early access, there will be places to explore. That would be pretty obvious considering the TMORPG is all about wandering the world, but the latest video from developer Might & Delight tries to set a few expectations on what players can look forward to.

The early access build of the game will feature the western part of the game’s map, which should provide enough of a slice of every kind of environment players will encounter in the game overall, like small towns, big towns, wilderness areas, and dangerous zones. The game’s release will also be mark by chapters — periods of time that advance over the course of the game’s release with their own individual stories and items to discover. Those items, by the way, will be account-bound, while those who perhaps missed out on a chapter will be able to stay up to date thanks to novels that summarize events and NPCs that talk about things that previously happened.

The video once again recounts things the devs have written before, just in a more condensed format, so fans may still want to watch it anyway. As for early access, readers will once again recall that was once more delayed though the devs have indicated that delay may not be as long as some believe it will be.

source: YouTube

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