Life Beyond adds weapon upgrades in latest patch, plans new AI, Corruption mode, and public playtest ‘gyms’


The survival sandbox of Life Beyond is continuing to grow. After a teaser tweet this past Wednesday, the game’s latest release went live two days later on Friday, introducing the ability for players to upgrade their weapons and deployables by using special resources collected during expeditions. There have also been a couple of weapon and UI additions and some other fixes applied with this update.

As for the game’s near future, director of development John Day outlined future game feature plans in a video. These updates include some new healing and burrowing AI behaviors; a Corruption mode where players will have to build infrastructure to fight off the spread of an invasive plant species, which holds hands with new map updates to allow more freeform objective and resource spawning; and the opening of playtest “gyms” that the devs previously used in private but will soon open to players. “If you wanna see the freshest, earliest, potentially most brokenest stuff that we have, you’ll be able to do that,” Day promises in the video.

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