LittleBigPlanet’s PS3 and Vita servers will remain offline permanently thanks to a toxic hacker


This past May we reported on the woes of the original LittleBigPlanet, a cutesy 2.5-D platformer that is a primarily single-player experience but also let players craft their own levels and share them online — that is until one particularly toxic hacker managed to find a way to take control of the game’s error messages to use them as a way to spread hateful messages. Readers will recall this was effectively the cherry on a crap sundae for the game’s online features, which had suffered other attacks that disabled online content along with DDoS attacks because a player was unhappy with the game’s direction.

Fast forward to yesterday and an announcement on the game’s Twitter that has good news and bad news. The good news is that the PS4 version of the game’s online features and over 10M player levels are now back after months of downtime. The bad news is that the PS3 and PS Vita servers will remain shut down permanently in order to “protect the LittleBigPlanet community and to help ensure that [the game’s] online environment remains safe.” That said, the game is still playable offline and all DLC levels will still work.

And this is why we have the “can’t have nice things” tag, folks.

source: Twitter via Kotaku

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Andrew Clear

We just can’t have nice things.

Dug From The Earth

What a great time to be a hacker!

Knowing that your mayhem and mischief will cause permanent damage to other peoples experiences because companies will simply choose to give up entirely.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Unfortunately, a large segment of the population are worthless human beings and take great pride in being a worthless human being.


I’m sure they also retired the ps3 and vita servers in part because of server costs. Too often companies blame ddos and hackers for their lack of proper server architecture and upkeep.

Tenthyr Adi

I’m not sure what you want them to do here, the PS3 is an old, old system by now, making maintaining servers less profitable AND it’s not impossible that aspects of that archtecture means they’re simply more vulnerable.

Do you want them to just… Maintain something used less and less? That’s not a realistic expectation to have.

Dug From The Earth

Its a product people paid for, that is now not as functional (and with some games , not functional at all). That is crap.

How about not designing games that require a hosted server to support online play when a hosted server isnt needed. Peer 2 peer games dont need a hosted server.

LBP could have easily been one that just used the PS network to connect to other players.

Its a similar gripe to games that have the unnecessary requirement of always being “online”. When the hosting company shuts the servers off, you cant play the game anymore. Which is bullshit for a game that shouldnt require that.

But all of that is aside from the point about the hackers.

By doing nothing to combat hackers, even with old games, it just now gives them free reign to go after any older products that a company may deem not as profitable anymore, further reducing a products/games lifetime.

LBP for ps3 came out in 2008.

Imagine if every mmorpg that came out before 2008, took the same mindset here. If a hacker attacked it, it would be shut down.

Thats a lot of players getting screwed over.