Prosperous Universe talks about its recent patch and mobile launch as it gets a spotlight on Reddit


Prosperous Universe has been busy recently according to the game’s most recent development log. Discussion among the devs focuses primarily on two topics: work on the game’s recent patch, which has brought features like base exploration, market filters, and base demolition; and a whole lot of UI work for the game’s mobile version, which apparently has been done since July but requires a lot of tuning up. Players can expect the mobile version to release sometime before the end of October.

In other Prosperous Universe news, the game has been showcased on the MMORPG subreddit, introducing followers of the sub to the game’s variety of features as well as touting upcoming releases that will add new political features like multiple governors or a parliament and infrastructure management. If you’ve never heard of this game before now, the thread is a good place to get a briefing.

sources: official site, reddit, cheers Protobear!

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I first read the title as “Preposterous Universe.”

My name is probably better than the game is.