WRUP: Photos I will skip over on my phone’s camera roll as we talk edition

hotline bling

A blurry shot of my feet that will be excused with “oh, not that one.” Seventeen pictures of my cats. A picture of an advertisement in a video game store (I will not explain myself to you). Another blurry shot of my feet that I will pause on for several minutes before saying “oh, right, that was about the thing” without further elucidation. Another seven pictures of cat. What appears to be an attempt at an Instagram dinner shot.

Six pictures of a broken machine. Two more cat pictures. A third picture of the cats where you ask why I’m skipping those and I insist that we can look at cat pictures later. Five stolen Twitter reaction images. Four more cat pictures. A picture of a cut on my arm which I explain by saying that I needed to text my cousin to see if this looked infected. Then a long pause before I ask what picture I was trying to show you in the first place. A picture of a horse. A hasty draft list for What Are You Playing.

Bonus question: What’s your biggest pet peeve about your current living space?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Unite will get some love on Saturday, as will Monster Hunter Stories 2, but only after I get in some time with Deltarune’s Chapter 2. I don’t do a lot of single player games, so it’s kind of a big deal for me. Pokemon Go will get tons of time on Sunday for Community Day. Gosh, that little otter holding the clam is already making me crave seafood! Gonna have to walk hard to earn it.

Mm, biggest pet peeve aside from living at home would be that my bed is also my “computer chair.” I don’t have a ton of space for a real chair, but I can’t exactly move my setup to a quieter part of the house because… well, it only gets quiet if I’m the only one here, hah!

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Probably just Star Wars Galaxies Legends. I was tempted to dip into Guild Wars 2, but I’ll save that urge for next week.

I genuinely love our house, but it is very small. A separate office space would be good. Or laundry not in the basement. (And I have a plan for both of those, years down the road!) Everything else, I can work around or fix myself.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I am in a vehicle-centric mood recently. I found out that Project Cars 2 is a whole lot more playable on a wheel and pedals and I also have a need to do some Euro Truck Simulator 2. This also means I’ll likely fire up a bit of Elite Dangerous to feed that space truckin’ itch. Beyond that, I’ll likely start on whatever leveling or gearing grind I want to focus on in Final Fantasy XIV, which will be wholly dependent on what the Live Letter has showcased for the three jobs I’m eyeballing.

I hate how small this apartment is. Hate the kitchen. Hate that I don’t have an office. Hate that it’s next to a damn ambulance bay. Oh, one biggest pet peeve? Right, sorry. It’s small.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Watching the Live Letter has me all jazzed for some more FFXIV, even though I realize that will probably only last for about five minutes before my brain reminds me that as much as I love the game I don’t have much to do now before Endwalker. But I know how I operate.

I really dislike how much the prior owner of my house kind of just tossed things together in this house and went with cheap fixes. It’s big enough for my wife and I and our cats, it’s not a bad house, it looks a little awkward from the outside, but we’ve spent so much money already (and will spend more) just cleaning that up.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’m still playing the festival in Guild Wars 2. It’s a fun 15 to 30 minutes every night. I also decided to check out Spellbreak again this week. I hadn’t played it in ages and I really wanted to whether or not the game was still trucking along. So far it looks like it is!

Bonus: My back door is all kinds of janky. It leaks every time it rains. Also the deadbolt has a gap in it. So I can literally see outside. I wonder why it leaks, right?

Tyler Edwards (blog): Mage of Vampires! Rage of Umpires! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh. Ahem, er, ah, I mean I’ll be diving into the stress test for Age of Empires IV. You know, since I have a passing interest in the franchise…

Bonus question: Adding to the chorus, the rent is too damn high my apartment is too small for my liking.

Pierre, patron: After a few crazy weeks at work (again… sigh) with very little gaming time, I can start considering playing games again. On the MMO front, I’m still playing Final Fantasy XIV very casually. I will also launch Deathloop, the last game from Arkane Lyon (another French dev studio to be proud of, there’s a lot of talented gaming development teams in France these days). There’s clearly a strong Dishonored vibe in it, and the investigation and time-loop mechanics seem really interesting and fun to play.

Bonus question: I’m a homeowner and I leave in a very nice apartment… mostly. The only thing that bothers me are noisy neighbors; they’re especially annoying when they decide to fight, which happens quite often, or when they try to help their children to do their homework, which inevitably ends with them calling them names (and not nice ones) as they apparently are not so good at school. It’s a very stressful start when you’re enjoying a chill Sunday morning with such a noisy crisis above your head. And you MOP readers? What are you up to in terms of gaming activities this weekend?

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