Black Desert Mobile adds a powerful new totem and Black Desert PC kicks off multiple Halloween events


If it’s Thursday, it’s another bundle of Black Desert news. We’ll begin with the latest update to Black Desert Mobile, which added the Primal Rift Totem, the most powerful totem class item in the game, in a patch earlier this week. This new totem will bring significant boosts to player stats, damage output, and defense for a chosen class, and even stacks on top of other totems. Details on how this new totem works, along with other features of the update, can be found in the patch notes.

Meanwhile, the PC version of Black Desert has gone all in on Halloween: There’s a spooky playground to visit, a Halloween-themed Black Spirit’s Adventure board, and various thematic goodies awaiting as part of the game’s attendance rewards. Players can also take part in an in-game whaling event, grab a free gift pack with a shiny new outfit, and take part in an event to get PEN V upgrade materials.

This week’s patch notes offer other updates as well, including details on the Season+ Server graduation, the addition of a Progression Pass to help new players, and a quest to start the process of earning guaranteed PEN V boss gear.

sources: press release, Black Desert PC site
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