Trove’s newest patch reworks the Lunar Lancer and adds new dungeons and gear styles


Back when I was exploring Trove for Choose My Adventure, I had a lot of love for the Lunar Lancer, finding it an extremely fun and impressively powerful class to play as. Apparently, that’s only going to get better thanks to the Lunar Leap update, which has made several tweaks to the Lunar Lancer class among other things.

These adjustments to the Lunar Lancer include the removal of the Crescent Combo from the basic form and a change to its Lunacy mode; it’s now called Lunarform and it can be manually activated as an ultimate ability while at max Moon Power, which in turn is earned by simply attacking enemies. Additionally, while in Lunarform, the class has an increased buff and gives access to new abilities, though players should note that Moon Power will drain while in Lunarform, and using that form’s new abilities will additionally cost Lunar Power.

On top of the Lunar Lancer rework, the update has added several new dungeons, a long list of new gear styles, and made 42 new reward banners for the Delve leaderboards. There are also a few minor fixes and adjustments in the update as well, which are fully detailed in the patch notes.

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