PWE has put Torchlight, Torchlight II, and Torchlight III on sale for the franchise’s 12th birthday


It’s hard for me to even look at the word Torchlight nowadays without thinking about all the lost potential of Torchlight III and Torchlight Frontiers, but even for all that, Torchlight is one of my favorite little multiplayer-optional franchises ever, so instead of moping, let’s celebrate the fact that it’s 12 years old with a trailer and some big sales.

“Published by Perfect World Entertainment and developed by Runic Games, the award winning hack’n’slash dungeon crawler made its original debut on October 27, 2009. Since that fateful day, Torchlight has become a cult favorite amongst ARPG fans and has spawned two action-packed sequels, Torchlight II in 2012 and Torchlight III (developed by Echtra Games) in 2020. The iconic series paved the way for future ARPGs with its fast and furious combat, unique classes and signature pet system.”

PWE has put all three games as well as Runic’s Hob on sale this weekend both on Steam and through the Nintendo eShop for those of you with a Switch itch; expect to shell out around $3 for the original and Hob, $6 for the sequel, and $10 for the year-old Torchlight III.

III, in case you’re curious, had its last major update last spring, not long after Echtra Games was bought up by Zynga and the Torchlight series stayed behind with Perfect World. We can’t see how well the game is doing on the Switch, of course, but on Steam, it hasn’t seen a concurrency peak over 1000 players since January.

Ooops, sorry, I said no moping. Here’s that trailer.

Source: Press release

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Man, I wish I could recommend TL3 but…it’s not great. Servers have been a mess, the game desperately needs a lot of bug fixes and tweaking, plus some reworking of the latest class and the coin system.

It’s a shame PWE didn’t bother creating a new team to continue supporting the game. I get Echtra probably get out of a bad situation with PWE and moved over to Zynga (I hope they make good stuff there), but it’s lame that PWE just kinda left the game with the final patch and nothing else.

Damn shame considering how exciting things started out for TL3/Frontiers : /

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Yeah, I was disappointed as well. Oh well, <US$10 for both 1 and 2, for those who don't own them yet. Worth every penny.