Valheim teases an exploration-focused Mistlands update and a mountainous new dungeon in dev blog


With the Hearth and Home update out in the wild, the devs (and likely the players) of Valheim are looking forward to what’s next, and it appears that what’s next is taking players into the mountains and a new biome.

The survival sandbox’s next update, which is being called Mistlands, is said to be “focusing more on adventure and exploration than on building,” with work on new biomes already underway. In the meantime, a smaller update is being worked on that promises a new dungeon delve in the mountains area – once again work on this is just beginning, but there are some concept artworks in the blog to whet players’ appetites.

As for the more immediate future, the devs will be planning to host an AMA on Reddit sometime soon, and work is promised to continue on bug fixing and balance for the current Hearth and Home update. With that said, it is looking like the next few weeks for Valheim are going to get very interesting for the exploration-minded Viking.

sources: press release, Steam
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