Valheim teases an exploration-focused Mistlands update and a mountainous new dungeon in dev blog


With the Hearth and Home update out in the wild, the devs (and likely the players) of Valheim are looking forward to what’s next, and it appears that what’s next is taking players into the mountains and a new biome.

The survival sandbox’s next update, which is being called Mistlands, is said to be “focusing more on adventure and exploration than on building,” with work on new biomes already underway. In the meantime, a smaller update is being worked on that promises a new dungeon delve in the mountains area – once again work on this is just beginning, but there are some concept artworks in the blog to whet players’ appetites.

As for the more immediate future, the devs will be planning to host an AMA on Reddit sometime soon, and work is promised to continue on bug fixing and balance for the current Hearth and Home update. With that said, it is looking like the next few weeks for Valheim are going to get very interesting for the exploration-minded Viking.

sources: press release, Steam

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Great base game really, but like many survival games the mod community has done better job at creating new content, balancing the game and providing tools for hosting game sessions than Iron Gate has, essentially holding up the game. In fact, you see some of these previously modded features in the H&H update. After they made $168mil from initial sales, they understood they could take all the time they needed and scratched the promised update release cadence. Now we’re looking at small updates about every 9 months. No doubt it’s game of the year for me but lets be real that the vast majority of money has been made. Looking forward to seeing this game in 4-5 years when it’s been completed.

Dug From The Earth

My issue with Valhiems “exploration” is that there are too many mechanics in the game that fight against you exploring.

1. The map is huge, and traveling long enough to get to places is often more hassle than its worth. Keeping up your buffs, managing your weight, corpse runs to recover your stuff if you die 2 hours away from the closest portal or boat.

2. The portal system is too limiting. Ill use rock climbing as an example. As you climb, you put new anchor points down, in case you fall, you fall back only to the most recent anchor point. I would have preferred being able to drop portals down in a similar fashion. Adventure into the woods for 20 minutes, drop a portal… adventure 30 minutes in, drop another portal. You cant do this unless you have a bunch of pre-built “Exit” portals set up and named at your base. I would have much rather preferred your base to have one large portal that could link to many smaller portals. Walk up to it, select from a prompt which small portal you want to teleport to, travel through. This would have made exploring a lot more fun for me.

3. Building off #2 above… when you DO drop a portal, you have to go through the trouble of building a small encampment with walls and such strong enough to protect it from roaming enemies who will attack it. This again, slows down exploration and makes it more work, than fun.

4. Still building off #2… part of exploring is finding cool things, and when portals dont allow you to bring these cool things back through, its just a pain.

The solution for me was to use mods. Mods that often improved these systems as well as adjusted the restrictions the game puts on them hindering exploration and fun.


Yeah. Our solution is, as you point out, to build a gate nexus and always have portal mats when exploring.

The buff system only allows you about 25-30 minutes of combat effectiveness at a time. If you lose that rested buff you’re working at a severe disadvantage, so carrying around a portal back to your bed is really the only way to play unless you use mods.

Personally I don’t mind, though I’d rather we have options for at least an hour of buff time.