Star Wars The Old Republic marks 10 years with 4K re-releases of its original trailers


Cast your mind back 10 years ago when Star Wars: The Old Republic was kicking out some impressive cinematic trailers that laid the groundwork for the MMORPG’s initial story beats. If those events somehow make you nostalgic enough to re-watch those trailers, perhaps you should hold your horses because BioWare is re-releasing those trailers one by one in 4K ultra HD, starting with the Deceived trailer.

More of these remastered trailers are expected to come online soon, but for now the first one is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. While you’re here and perhaps thinking back through SWTOR’s history, make sure to check out our interview with creative director Charles Boyd, where he talks about creating the game 10 years ago and plans for the MMO’s future.

sources: Twitter, YouTube
Hope is up now too.

OK, they took Hope down and put up Return instead.

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