Profane discusses toxicity in full-loot MMOs and its plans for player-built houses and towns


Profane is a full-loot open PvP sandbox MMORPG, a fact that the devs at Insane have been touting loudly and proudly several times. This has a lot of understandable (and historically accurate) baggage associated with it, as years and years and years of similar MMOs have found that such a sandbox tends to draw in a lot of highly aggressive, competitive, and stupendously bad actors. That topic was discussed in a recent video , which once again is another clip from a livestream with broadcaster Oxfurd and Insane Studios CEO Diego Beltran as they broke down a video essay by YouTuber Josh Strife Hayes.

From the off, Beltran agreed with Hayes’ assessment that full-loot MMOs drive some of the worst portions of our genre, but he also bemoans how people associate MMORPGs with themeparks and the fact that most full-loot sandbox players don’t want to take the time to explain things like risks and the importance of decisions mattering with new arrivals, instead telling them to toughen up. “We need them. We need those kind of players to understand what they’re missing,” said Beltran.

The video’s description further promises that the devs will tackle the problem as it brings “collateral damage to the community and playerbase” without actually outlining how that problem will be tackled.

In other Profane news, there’s been yet another Twitter thread talking about how the game will handle player housing and player towns. The thread reads more like a design idea than hard information, but it does talk up the importance of having a housing system while also talking about a blueprint system to design a house, several customization ideas, and how house placement could work. The thread also features a player house in-game but points out is just an illustration of what housing could look like in Profane.

sources: YouTube, Twitter
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