Myth of Empires is a multiplayer sandbox of nation building and conquest out in early access


At the start of this year we got a quick peek at Myth of Empires, a multiplayer sandbox that leans in on players forming nations and conquering the land as they see fit. The game boasts plenty of sandbox freedom in the form of farming, crafting, and building, as well as warfare that can be as personal as riding into battle or as grandiose as players commanding armies and laying siege on enemies.

“You have 16 stairs climb to nobility, 25 developing directions to proceed, hundreds of achievements to claim, and arts of war to grasp. Do you want to be a bloodthirsty warlord —— slaughter enemies and annex their field, expand your territories and take the crown? Or a peaceful master—— plant seeds and harvest your pleasure, create buildings and embrace the wonder? Whatever you want to be, Myth of Empires has everything prepared for you.”

The game entered into early access a couple of weeks ago and it appears to have found its audience. Both SteamDB and Steam Charts show a respectable number of over 40K players in-game at the time of this writing, with an all-time peak of over 43K. It also is drawing in enough players that it has had to open three new servers to ease congestion.

The game is also currently sitting on a “Mostly Positive” user review aggregate, with one review likening the game to a polished version of Rust, ARK, or Atlas, while other reviews call out untranslated UI or clunky combat. Still other reviews note that the game has a lot of grind, but there is apparent depth to systems that makes digging through the layers worthwhile.

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