Myth of Empires arrives with territory conquest and nation building


“Hey Ted, did you hear about that empire?” “Whoa, man, I thought that was just a myth!”

While we’re not quite sure what the name Myth of Empires is supposed to mean, exactly, we do know that this upcoming Steam early access title offers massively multiplayer crowds the chance to conquer and build a nation. It’s not available to play yet, but by the looks of it, players will be riding into combat and constructing castles before too long.

“Set in the 3rd century on the Eastern Continent, Myth of Empires is an online multiplayer sandbox game where players must rebuild a world that has been ravaged by conflict and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity,” developer Angela Game said in a press release. “Players can lead with benevolence or take charge with violence as they strategically recruit NPCs and other players into their empire to fight alongside their cause, defend their home, gather valuable resources, or craft important items that will help in their quest to dominate a map 64 square kilometers in size.”

It certainly brings all sorts of eye candy, if the gameplay footage from the trailer is to believed:

Source: Press release, Steam

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