Elder Scrolls Online rocks players’ worlds with curated item set drops


Sometimes you hear about an MMO feature that makes so much sense that you have to stand up and say incredulously, “Why don’t all online games have this? This will not stand!”

For some Elder Scrolls Online players, this moment came with the introduction of the recent Update 32. Not only did it include the new gear-swapping armory system, but it also brought in curated item set drops to help cut down on the frustration of RNG not giving you the goods you want.

ZeniMax explains this in a new dev diary: “With Update 32, in most cases, when an item set drops from a monster, the system will try to give you something that you don’t already own. This change greatly reduces the randomness of your rewards, with each subsequent drop further reducing the potential variation until you’ve collected every piece within a set.”

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