VR MMO Zenith readies beta for this month, launch for early next year


Fly, fist-bump, and fight your way through virtual reality this month thanks to Zenith’s first beta test. This VR MMORPG, flush from a huge infusion of capital, is welcoming players into this massive open world starting on December 18th. There, players will get to try out many of the game’s new features, such as a rebuilt enemy AI, swords that can be thrown, personal shields, and “sensitive” gliding.

Ramen VR also announced that Zenith will be officially launching early next year, with a lot more to follow: “We plan on continuing to expand and build Zenith for many years to come and have so many ideas and additions that we’re excited to keep surprising our community with!”

About a thousand beta keys are going to be given away for this month’s test. You can check out the new trailer below:

Source: Press release. Thanks Brian!
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