Conan Exiles’ latest update stops indoor rain, adds point of interest protection, and starts the Grave Matters event


The point of having four walls and a roof in a survival game is to keep the rain outdoors, but players of Conan Exiles have apparently been dealing with extremely faulty roofs. As of the latest update to Xbox and PC, however, the rain will stay outside where it belongs as indoor rain will no longer happen. Unless you build a hole in your roof; it’s your house.

The update has (naturally) made other updates as well, such as a point of interest protection system that prevents obstructing structures from blocking access to things like obelisks, adds character server transfers to console players, and launches the game’s first-ever event in the form of Grave Matters, which tasks players with stopping cultists for some spooky rewards. Basically, it’s Halloween in December, and it runs until Monday, January 10th.

We note that these updates are for PC and Xbox players, but don’t worry PS4 Exiles, you’ll be getting these goodies as well, just one day later as a result of Sony’s certification process.

sources: official forums (1, 2, 3), official site. Cheers, Freddyy!
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