Destiny 2 marks Bungie’s 30th anniversary with new free and buy-to-play celebratory content


The 30th anniversary of Bungie is being celebrated in Destiny 2’s latest update/DLC pack, which as the headline suggests offers some goodies celebrating the past of the looter shooter and the studio behind it for free players and those who buy in to a 30th anniversary pack.

For free players, there’s the six-person Dares of Eternity matchmade instance that involves a horse made of stars, spinning a wheel, and moving through the treasure hoard of Xur. There’s also a new exotic sidearm for players to chase and a bundle of legendary weapons that mark Bungie’s history. Those who buy the associated pack will also get access to the infamous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher among several other weapons, a wide selection of cosmetics, and access to the three-person Grasp of Avarice dungeon that recalls the loot cave exploit of Destiny’s past.

On top of celebrating 30 years of gaming, Bungie is also kicking off its charitable Game2Give campaign in support of Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Players can donate to the cause to unlock the returning Mist Blossoms emblem and Gilded Ghost shell along with a new Light Keeper’s emblem.

source: press release

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