Final Fantasy XIV checks in on continued server congestion and login error matters

Almost tangible. Again.

Yes, Final Fantasy XIV is still experiencing high queues and login issues as Endwalker slides forward into its first post-launch week. However, producer and director Naoki Yoshida continues to offer progress reports being made by the team to address the matter and offer explanations for errors that are cropping up.

One particular error code, the dreaded Error 2002, has seen some reduction in occurrence thanks to maintenance this past Tuesday that raised the login cap limit. However, the post also points out that this has conversely lead to longer queues and can still happen when logins hit their limit or players have packet loss due to a wireless connection.

The post then goes on to address Error 4004 and Error 3001 messages that have popped up, which have caused players to time out in the queue or just before login, and caused outages across a handful of servers and zones respectively. Maintenance from last week appears to have nipped these errors in the bud, though the Tonberry server can still potentially see zone or server crashes due to a continually high number of connections.

Finally, connection errors that occur during cutscenes were brought up, with word that the devs are having a harder time pinning the cause of this down. This could once again be caused by a player’s own internet connection issues, but Yoshida promises that the team is working to investigate. The post further promises that the devs are “steadily making progress” towards adding more data centers and servers, once again citing a COVID-related semiconductor shortage as the reason why new servers can’t be spooled up sooner.

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