Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis’ ‘major’ Sandstorm Requiem content update is live today


Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis now have something new to do beyond spend AC on Scratch Tickets. Yesterday saw the game’s sizeable Sandstorm Requiem content patch go live, introducing the Retem region, more story, and a new level cap, among other things.

The patch notes offer up a lengthy rundown of what Sandstorm Requiem offers, with previews of Retem’s areas, gathering nodes, combat sectors and the enemies awaiting there, and the various NPCs that are part of the story’s second chapter. NGS has also seen a level cap raise to 35, along with some new skills for every class and new techniques. As of today, December 15th, the game has also introduced five-star rarity weapons and armor, along with new augments and new urgent quests.

Starting next week on Wednesday, December 22nd, NGS will kick off World Trials – large-scale events that happen on all servers, the first of which being the Stellar Grade Recovery Operation. The game’s Central City has also been decked in Christmas ornaments, and there’s the usual new AC Scratch Tickets for players to go after as well. The patch notes offer all of the details, while the game’s Retem release is being lauded with a celebratory campaign.

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