Whatever happened to Valnir Rok?


This year’s smash hit Valheim isn’t the only place that you can go to fulfill your latent Viking fantasies. I mean, it’s a good place and much preferable than, say, the sporting goods aisle at your local Target, but there are other options.

Other options such as Valnir Rok, a dark and violent Viking sim that’s been in early access since, oh, 2017. That’s a good sign, right? The game, which was 75% off during the recent Steam sale, went very quiet in 2021. The team stopped releasing roadmaps, electing instead to announce last May that it was working on “new experimental servers” that would become upgrades to the official worlds.

No further updates about these servers or anything else has emerged on Steam since; the only information available is from Discord, where developers insisted this past October that the game is still being worked on, just more slowly than they’d like.

As of this past weekend, a different member of the dev team announced that in 2022, the game will be “restarting servers daily to improve stability.”

Unfortunately, Valnir Rok is almost completely dead in terms of player population on top of developer silence. So perhaps Valheim is the better choice after all?

Source: Steam, Discord
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