Dual Universe outlines the Panacea update’s planned Lua API changes


Players of Dual Universe who like to get fiddly with the Lua API code of the spaceship sandbox likely perked their ears when the incoming Panacea update announced it would bring another round of changes. The devs at Novaquark have now elaborated on those changes in a new dev blog, and as one might expect from a post like this, it gets hyper granular.

The vast majority of these Lua changes will be focused on the camera, allowing users to get much more information about the game’s camera and the status of the player linked to it, including the position and orientation of the camera.

Another big bullet point of Panacea’s Lua tweaks will be the end of writing lines directly to a client’s log file, as it was being used to automate processes that were never meant to be automated and create bots. This change does have more wide-reaching effects to less malicious Lua creations related to sound, so there will be extra command lines to allow players to have sounds play from control units that are run explicitly by pressing F on them.

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