Survival MMO Fractured Veil shows off new building pieces, outlines 2022 dev plans


Moving into the new year means that players of the survival MMO Fractured Veil will get to put together new houses, or at least they will when the promised series of new housing items gets released, which will reportedly be soon; players will have new thatch, stone, wood, and metal in the next update that’s just weeks away according to the post.

The preview also offered a brief rundown of the game’s plans for 2022, including introducing Veil Travel, upgrading to Unreal 4.27, bringing in three more waves of backers, and introducing skills and talents to the game. A timeline for all of these updates wasn’t provided, but hey, you can get a look at all kinds of stylish new building items in the meantime.

As a refresher, Fractured Veil is a self-described “open-world online survival game” set in a post-apocalyptic version of Hawaii. We first caught notice of it in February 2021 when developer Paddle Creek was looking for testers. The game has reportedly been in development for five years prior to its Kickstarter campaign, which made just over its $100K funding ask last month. Development of the survivalbox has been moving at pace since, as summarized in a 2021 roundup.

source: Steam
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